Why Use NuBrow

People recognize that an elegant brow gives an instant lift and widens the eye. But there are a number of contributing factors that may have brought about your need for fuller, younger-looking eyebrows.

  • Overplucking and Shaving In our attempt to control the growth of our eyebrows, we often damage them. Through the years, repeated tweezing, plucking, or shaving can inhibit hair growth causing the hairs of the eyebrow to stop growing.
  • Tattoos The idea of permanent makeup may frighten you – and it should. There are countless stories of women who’ve paid the price – financially and aesthetically. Many permanent makeup “artists” are mere technicians who do not understand the finesse required for “natural” eyebrow enhancement. Commonly, they fail to feather the brow .or use a color that’s unbecoming. Before you “choose to tattoo,” be sure you understand the risks of the procedure and the possibility that you may have to hide your tattoo for weeks until it fades to a proper shade.
  • Stencils Using stencils and pencils to create eyebrows is a very difficult art to master. It’s not easy to draw eyebrows on evenly – plus they look fake. Eyebrows created this way are time consuming and must be retouched throughout the day.
  • Medical Conditions Aside from the other debilitating effects of chemotherapy, hair loss often accompanies treatment within a two-to-three week period. Other medical conditions that can cause eyebrow hair loss are: alopecia areata, hormone imbalance, genetics, and stress. And while there is no physical disability associated with the loss of eyebrow hair, it can be emotionally distressing.
  • Aging While we try to stop the clock — or at least slow it down–our bodies will, at some point, slow their production of hair. We can color our hair and lift our faces, and with NU-BROW® we can replace our eyebrows with a natural- looking solution.
    Whatever your circumstance, NU-BROW® is easy to apply. And they’re easy to love: If properly cared for will last for months; they can be easily cut to the length you need; and they’re not expensive, dangerous or permanent. NU-BROW® False Eyebrows have helped thousands of people regain their elegance, facial stature and self-image. Let them help you, too.
  • Special Occasions Most brides have dreamed of their wedding day ever since they were young girls. Now that this very special occasion is approaching, they are likely to be on a quest to look their best.
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