How long will NuBrow® last?
NuBrow® will last 8-12 weeks with proper care.

Do you know your brows may be customized?
They may be trimmed with a small scissor or darkened with brow powder, and even styled with  eyebrow gel!

Who was NuBrow® created for?
Do you draw your eyebrows with a pencil every day? Many people have found to their dismay that tweezing, over-shaping, and medical conditions cause eyebrow loss. Also, sooner or later people over 50 find that eyebrow loss is inevitable due to the aging process.

Is there an alternative for sparse, over-shaped, thinning eyebrows?
Yes, NuBrow® eyebrows are full, sexy and easily conform to the shape of the face. NuBrow® can be applied in just seconds!

Will NuBrow® adjust to the shape of my face?
Absolutely! NuBrow® easily conforms to the shape of any face and fits over thinning brows. One size fits all. If NuBrow® is too long, simply use scissors to snip the end of each brow to the desired length.

Is it possible to give my NuBrow® more/less arch?
Absolutely! Reducing or increasing the appearance of an arch is as simple as adjusting the placement of Nu- Brow on your brow line by raising the far end up or down. You may also simply trim off the existing arch to create a more rounded look or trim half of the brow to create a more dramatic arch. After application, you may also further modify the color/shape of NuBrow® with the use of a brow pencil or powder.

Is NuBrow® difficult to apply?
No! NuBrow® easily applies in seconds. Simply apply a layer of our special adhesive onto your natural brow line. Avoid getting adhesive on the front of the brow. Wait 20 seconds until adhesive becomes tacky then place NuBrow® against your natural brow line. Using your fingertips, gently but firmly press along the brows to secure in place.

Can I wear makeup while wearing NuBrow®?
Yes! Apply NuBrow® first to skin that is free of any makeup or moisturizers then you may apply your makeup.

Can I wear NuBrow® while sleep?
Like false eyelashes, it is recommended that you remove NuBrow® before retiring.

Can I wear NuBrow® while swimming?
NuBrow® is not designed for swimming, bathing, or physical sports.

How do I remove NuBrow®?
Gently peel the NuBrow® from your natural brow line starting at the inner corner. Remove any adhesive left on your skin with a gentle mascara remover. Remove any adhesive from the band on the back of the NuBrow® then store them for future use.

What colors can I get NuBrow® in?
NuBrow® is available in four popular colors: blonde, light brown, dark brown, and black. If your hair is blonde or gray, select the blonde tone. If your hair is brown or black, select the shade that is approximately two shades lighter than your hair color. We recommend that women of color choose dark brown or black to compliment their skin tone.
Tip: Applying a darker or lighter eye shadow accentuates your eyebrow color.

What is the best placement for NuBrow®?
The eyebrow should start directly above the inner corner of the eye. The highest point (arch) should be just a bit beyond the outer corner of the iris. The eyebrow should end above the outer corner of the eye.

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